U.K. Parliamentarians Meet with U.S. Representatives through BAPG Exchange Program

In 2004, a rising Conservative in the United Kingdom Parliament named Theresa May participated in the British American Parliamentary Group (BAPG), a Department of State exchange program co-founded with the U.K. Parliament in 1977 and administered by Meridian International Center. Ms. May and several colleagues traveled to the United States for meetings with U.S. congressional representatives to learn about America’s political process and its domestic debates, in turn sharing their perspectives on pressing challenges facing the U.K. and Europe. Continue  

Remembering the “Forgotten War”: U.S. Congress – Republic of Korea National Assembly Exchange Program

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War commenced. On September 15, United States led the 21 nation-Allied Forces in valiant efforts to help South Koreans repel the Chinese-based communist troops allied with the North Korean troops invading from the North. Nearly 38,000 U.N. troops, most of them from the U.S., died during the conflict. The war resulted in a truce, yet the peninsula remains divided to this day. For South Koreans and Americans, we have familiarized ourselves with this version of the Korean War. However, many of us fail to recognize the most crucial part of the story. Thus,...


Congressional Districts Visited by IVLP Participants in 2015

Each year, in order to track the geographic diversity of our programming, we collect a list of the cities that our visitors see as they travel across the country. Last marked the 75th Anniversary of the International Visitor Leadership Program. Using the list of cities from that year we constructed a map to visually show our visitors travels. Would the data points cluster near the coast or major cities? What if we overlaid it with congressional districts? How would the spread be with red and blue districts? In the following maps we tried to discover the answers to those questions and more and the results might be surprising.


BAPG 2015: Uniting Leaders and Strengthening U.S.-U.K. Relationships

Founded in 1977, the British American Parliamentary Group (BAPG) Project is an annual 10-day program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the British Parliament and Meridian International Center that introduces newly elected British Members of Parliament to the American political and party system. Bound together by a unique shared history, the U.S. and U.K. have established a deeply-rooted “Special Relationship” since the mid-twentieth century that reflects an unparalleled level of cooperation between world powers today. Through numerous military and political conflicts, U.S.-U.K. relations have remained defined by a strong alliance in political, economic and foreign affairs. Due to...


Ukraine – Communicating Strategically

Ukraine has been a constant topic in the global news cycle over the past year or so, especially since the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in March 2014.  The public narrative and the news cycle around that particular event and the subsequent unrest in eastern Ukraine have been driven primarily by Western media on one hand and by Russian media outlets on the other.  Little in this global discussion and debate has been shaped by Ukraine’s own narrative.  One may legitimately ask, “Why is this the case?” In part this has to do with the reality of...