Purer here the air whence we overlook the city

With the end of daylight savings, November brings darker commutes and that nagging feeling of wondering “where the day went?” But at Meridian it also brings the wonderful opportunity to catch the spectacular sunsets of late fall. With a distinct vantage point, perched atop Meridian Hill, the views overlooking the city in the rapidly diminishing light as it scatters and reflects off the clouds is truly mesmerizing.


6 Must Things To Do On A Time Crunch Trip

Before arriving here I had pegged D.C as one of the very boring and  straight laced cities, with people doing their power walks  and having their gazillionth cup of Starbucks coffee, all suited up on their way to probably sit in a U.N session or whatever it is that they do, but D.C turned out to be a complete contradiction to the robotic city that I had imagined in my mind , for a person like myself, while much of my movement was centered in DuPont the city still wove its magic nonetheless and lo and behold you have a  hub of art and culture, people from all  over the world, ethnicities, size, shape coming together *much like back home* put them together and what you have is the most amazing experience EVER. Continue  

All Things British at Meridian International Center

Without a doubt, the birth of the royal baby has captured the attention of U.S. audiences. Many commentators have attributed American fascination with the royal family to the mystique of monarchy. But more importantly, it is an example of the strong historical, political, and cultural ties between the United Kingdom and United States. Fittingly, evidence of the shared values or “special relationship” between these two nations was on display during the week of July 22 – 26, 2013 at Meridian International Center. Continue