In Honor of International Women’s Day: Four Women-Powered Murals

A mural by Brigades Mona Lisa in Alexandria, Egypt.


The deadline for our exchange program Community Engagement through the Mural Arts is fast approaching. In honor of International Women’s Day this Saturday, March 8, we’re sharing four community murals made by or about inspirational women around the world.

1) The MaestraPeace Mural at The Women’s Building in San Francisco, California was a collaboration between seven women artists. Painted in 1994, the mural adorns the exterior walls of the women-led community center, located in the Mission District.
MaestraPeace Mural


2) Hyuro created this powerful image for 2013’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, as part of the Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in Terracina, Italy. The Argentina-born Spanish artist features women prominently in her artwork.
Hyuro Mural


3) Art Miles Mural Project was founded by Joanne Tawfilis and her husband, Dr. Fouad Tawfilis, in 1997. Since then, Art Miles has helped communities paint over 4,000 murals in more than 100 countries, spreading messages of peace, healing, and friendship. This mural was painted by St. Mary’s School in Nairobi, Kenya as part of the Multicultural Diversity Mile.
Art Miles Project Mural


4) This piece by Brigades Mona Lisa and others in Alexandria, Egypt is part of the Women on Walls (WOW) project. Organized by local cultural manager Angie Balata and Swedish journalist Mia Grondahl, WOW increases female empowerment and raises women’s visibility in a country still largely dominated by men.
Alexandria alternate

If you feel inspired to create a community-powered mural, apply for our Mural Arts Exchange Program by April 6, 2014.