A Journey to Washington

A Visit to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Washington, DC.


After reaching Washington DC, as I started the road journey towards our hotel, like always I was inspired by the buildings and couldn’t resist but took my camera out and started taking pictures. The architecture here is simple but elegant. I am sharing some pictures which I took during our first journey to Washington.

The visit to BrainFood was really inspiring. It was nice to see young students learn how to cook and how to help people by giving them food and educating them about healthy food. The interaction with the young students was interesting and it helped us to know how the young students can work to improve themselves and help others as well.

Another interesting meeting was working with the students of grade 6 at Tacoma Education Campus, and helping them in their Art Projects.

In our spare time we visited The National Gallery of Arts, at Washington DC. It was like a dream come true. I was very excited to see the Work of Arts by Old Masters.  It was an amazing experience. I consider myself lucky to have visited this institution. The gallery was like a maze or puzzle where we got separated from each other and were able to get together again with lot of efforts.

It was a very interactive program and all of us took very active parts and participated in all the activities.