A New Definition of Leadership: Earning the “AAA” Rating: Aware, Accessible, Active

Global Leadership and Cross-Sector Collaboration at Meridian: (From Left to Right) Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the U.S., Cui Tiankai; Chairman of Meridian International Center, Governor James J. Blanchard; President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Madame Li Xiaolin; President and CEO of Meridian International Center, Ambassador Stuart W. Holliday; and President of Coca-Cola International, Ahmet C. Bozer.


In the September issue of the Diplomatic Courier, Meridian’s President & CEO, Ambassador Stuart Holliday, shares the secrets of successful leadership in today’s dynamic and competitive global environment:

I remember asking my good friend, Glen Smith, Member of Parliament for the Devonshire North West Constituency in Bermuda, how he won a Parliamentary seat which was held by then-Premier of Bermuda and Leader of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party (PLP), Paula Cox. (The PLP held office in Bermuda for 14 years until One Bermuda Alliance won the national election in December 2012.) Glen’s response was almost too simple to be true—he spent weeks listening to constituents, understanding their needs, and embracing their vision for life in Bermuda. Glen knew what was on the minds of the electorate and this knowledge formed the basis of his leadership agenda. In the never-ending election cycle of modern U.S. politics, we often see politicians catering to voters—at least, the voters in their bloc. Yet Glen’s inclusive approach to representing all of his constituents is increasingly rare. And in many corners of the world, this level of responsiveness to the people is practically unheard of.

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