Bringing American Expertise and Excellence to India – U.S. Speaker Program

Since Fall 2013, Meridian International Center has had the pleasure of working with the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi implementing the U.S. Speaker Program for India. Sponsored by the Public Affairs Section, the program is designed to connect U.S. experts with Indian audiences and institutions; to promote an understanding of U.S. strategic priorities, policies and institutions; and to discuss the political, economic, social, and cultural context from which they arise. Over the past four years, Meridian has sent to India over 45 American experts through this program. These experts have engaged over the course of their visit with a wide array of audiences through lectures, workshops, and seminars, through round-tables and panel discussions, and through one-on-one meetings with their Indian counterparts. A key component of their visit has also been engagement with both local and national media as well as India social media representatives. The American experts have addressed a multitude of topics from climate change and cyber security to clean energy and intellectual propriety rights, from immigration and counter terrorism to trade and regional economic relations, and from skills development to U.S. foreign policy. Previous participants include, among others, the Director of the International Intellectual Property Alliance; Director of the International Climate … Continue reading Bringing American Expertise and Excellence to India – U.S. Speaker Program