Disability Pride Month: A Diplomatic Perspective on Inclusivity


By Fatema Hosseini, Meridian Global Communications and Journalism Fellow


Disability Pride Month celebrated in July, is a significant commemoration highlighting essential aspects of diversity and inclusivity in societies worldwide. Disability Pride Month empowers individuals with disabilities, acknowledging their talents and contributions and echoing their societal values. It presents an excellent opportunity for countries to collaborate and exchange knowledge on policies and practices that encourage inclusivity not just for individuals with disabilities but also for minority communities.


For instance, the “Disability Rights: Equal Access for All,” a regional U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for South Asia implemented by Meridian International Center, is a notable example of such collaborative efforts. This initiative focused on the history and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how various organizations can influence policy and raise awareness about disability issues.


Diplomacy, when infused with empathy and understanding, can create magnificent changes in the lives of marginalized communities. It lays a foundation for nations to strengthen their commitment to human rights, equity, and well-being, encouraging a more inclusive and empathetic global community. Diplomacy can drive a wave of positive changes, catalyzing global initiatives that champion inclusivity, equity, and diversity.


Projects focused on disability rights, like the ones implemented by Meridian, are a testament to the power of diplomacy in fostering inclusivity and understanding.


For instance, accessible technology partnerships could be a focus for one program given the crucial role technology plays in increasing accessibility; countries could collaborate on developing and sharing accessible technology solutions, including building inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities.


Through diplomacy, nations can raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity within their societies, using their platforms on the global stage to showcase progress and highlight the value of inclusive policies. By doing so, they champion the spirit of Disability Pride Month in their respective nations and worldwide.


Fatema Hosseini Afghan journalist and a master’s student in Investigative Journalism at the University of Maryland, driven by a mission for truth and substantial change. Currently, she serves as a Global Communications and Journalism Fellow with Meridian International Center, helping launch a digital magazine and writing blog posts.