IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Professor Hina Allauddin Addresses Peshawar University Colleagues on Intellectual Property Law


IVLP Alumni Spotlight features U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni as they reflect on the impact of the program and how it has affected their work and lives. Here we feature one alumna who participated in a South and Central Asia Regional Project examining Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. The participant spent three weeks in the United States exploring the roles and work of government agencies, private sector enterprises, and NGOs dealing with IPR issues; policies and procedures, and their effective implementation to identify and combat IPR violations; and key types of intellectual property rights in the U.S., including patent law, trademarks, service marks, and copyright laws.

Visitor: Dr. Hina Allauddin
Title: Lecturer, Peshawar Law College
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Itinerary: Washington, DC; Salt Lake City, Utah; Los Angeles, California; Little Rock, Arkansas, New York, New York
IVLP Project: SCA Regional Project, Intellectual Property Rights

What have you been up to since your IVLP experience?

As far as your first question is concerned, I must say that IVLP was really an amazing experience in my life. It has really changed my perspective on different things. When I went back to work, I tried to spread the word and kept on sharing whatever I have learned. As I am from academia by profession, my task has been to teach whatever I do have in my brain, and having so many practical examples with me from my trip, I am trying to make my lectures more understandable and practical. At the same time, I also have a project in the pipeline to disseminate Intellectual property law amongst people from the field of academia in Peshawar University, as well as plans to arrange seminars in this regard. Last but not the least I have started working on my thesis in the same area for which I was selected for the IVLP. In short, this visit was really very meaningful and fruitful for me, especially since it has paved way for my future academic work. Before the program, my plans were to do my LL.M in this area but now after this exposure I have made up my mind to do my Ph.D. in the same as well.

Professor Hina Ellaudin Addresses Peshawar University Colleagues on Intellectual Property Law
Professor Hina Allauddin lectures at the University of Peshawar

What one lesson that you learned or idea that you gained on your IVLP experience have you started to apply in your organization?

The mode of teaching and emphasis more on practice than on theory. People in the U.S. are very vibrant and active. I have learned that people will listen to you only when you are yourself honest and active. Apart from that, nobody is intruding and poking his nose in the affairs of someone else. This is what I liked the most. Another thing that impressed me is the great number of awareness campaigns for the public. Rather than emphasising the implementation of law, successful attempts are made to make people aware of their rights and to the attached laws therewith. This has become part of my personal motto.

What message would you like to share with the people who hosted and met with you in the US?

The people there are very nice and gentle and have already been ready to assist in every circumstance. My perceptions have been completely changed. Americans think above the religion, are fair in their dealings and are kind in whatever they say. I liked Utah and its people the most. I really wish to revisit.

Last but not least, the Meridian International Center was awesome. I have no words to describe the level of assistance and hospitality.