‘Twas the holiday season

Meridian Staff Photo


‘Twas the holiday season, and all through the house

Not a program was opening, not even from Laos.

The poinsettias were delivered to the desks with great care,

Hoping that they would spread cheer everywhere.

Cookie recipes came to life – a wonderful spread –

All bellies were filled and staff happily fed.

Employees gathered round hoping to wrap

The tree in twinkling lights without leaving a gap.

When all of a sudden, there arose a great chatter

As M&O appeared with very tall ladders.

Up the steps, colleagues flew in a flash

Quietly hoping that the ladders don’t crash.

They surrounded the tree and looked down below

To find the lights passed up in a row.

The on-looking staff suddenly cheered

As boxes came in and ornaments appeared.

Everyone knows that you have to be quick

To get the ornament that is your first pick.

As decorating continued, more staff members came

For to miss the event would be a great shame.

“A red ornament, a green one, one covered in blue,

An angel, one polka-dotted, and cheetah print too!”

The employees cried out the names of them all

As their voices echoed throughout the great hall.

With help from below and hands way up high

The tree was decorated in the blink of an eye.

Everyone stopped and stepped back to stare

At the decorations done with such style and flare.

As we all took a moment to take in the sight,

A wish came to mind for all those tonight.

That this season is filled with much love and cheer

And great hope and happiness for the New Year!