Why “The LEAD”?

Matthew Brooks, Winner of the Name the Meridian Blog Competition


The LEAD. Out in front. Up ahead. From leadership development to cultural exchange, who is leading in the diverse fields that shape our globe? Those were my thoughts as I brainstormed on the name for Meridian International Center’s first official blog.

An acronym for Leaders Engaging for Action and Dialogue, The LEAD is designed to bring fresh new perspectives to Meridian’s diverse programs, activities, and events – all of which are geared toward bringing the world’s leaders together. I chose this name because I wanted to embody Meridian’s positioning (leadership), Meridian’s constituents (emerging leaders), and Meridian’s mission (to be at the forefront of the development of the next generation of global leaders).

Three years ago, when I first started working at Meridian, I had no idea that I would be interacting with some of the world’s most influential emerging leaders. From young private and public sector leaders who step through our doors every day for exchange programs, to current heads of state and world leaders – all of these leaders turn to Meridian to provide neutral forums in which they can discuss issues and collaboratively develop solutions. This experience has been nothing short of eye-opening. But collaboration is only one aspect of the value that we bring to the world. Another important aspect is learning.

We recently launched the Global Leadership Institute (GLI), a premier leadership education institution that offers programs based on Meridian’s 52-year-old methodology for preparing emerging leaders for unparalleled success. The institute offers Executive education, Professional development programs, Leadership exchanges, Country-specific and regional briefings, and other programs for the world’s emerging leaders.

I feel confident that while GLI provides leaders with the tools they need to overcome the challenges of a dynamic and complex global environment, The LEAD will help these leaders to come to an even deeper understanding of communities, countries and cultures around the world.

My advice, if you want to stay ahead with the latest in Public and Cultural Diplomacy, Leadership Development, and other aspects of Meridian’s diverse programming, follow us on The LEAD. We’re always a step ahead.