What Do People Around the World Want MOST? Leaders Will Find Out at the Meridian Global Leadership Summit

What do people want most?


Ever wander what people REALLY want? Is it money, peace of mind, or security?

Tomorrow, Friday, October 18, top government, corporate, and diplomatic leaders will get the answers to some key questions – What  do people around the world want most? Which countries have the highest payroll  to employment rates? Where do people feel safest?

These are among the questions that Meridian International  Center and Gallup will answer on Friday, October 18, 2013, at the Meridian Global Leadership Summit, a high-level forum  hosted in partnership with Gallup and the Ronald Reagan Building and  International Trade Center, which brings together a cross-section of  ambassadors, international and domestic policy-makers, corporate leaders and  prominent media figures.

At the Summit, Gallup CEO Jim  Clifton, will release the findings of the Global States of Mind: New Metrics for  World Leaders. This one-of-its-kind audit captures findings from  over 160 countries on what citizens think of their leadership, as well as key  quality of life factors in their countries including food and shelter, law and  order, and job creation. Highlights of  the audit include:

94%  of adults in the Czech Republic say corruption is widespread in their  country’s government.

– Many of the countries at the top of the suffering list in 2012  are repeats from past years, suggesting little has changed for the better in  places such as Iran (31%), Syria (29%), or Afghanistan (29%).

43% of residents in Syria plan to move – the  highest in the world – up sharply from the 29% who were planning to move at  the beginning of the conflict, which has displaced millions.

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