Meridian International Center Partners with Booz Allen to Develop Culturally Agile Leaders

Culturally Agile Leadership Around The World


On Tuesday, February 25th, Meridian International Center and Booz Allen will host “Culture at Work: Building an Intercultural Organization for an Interconnected World.”  The event will include presentations and panel discussions by a variety of experts including Booz Allen Hamilton Vice President Grant McLaughlin; Luis Viada, President of Meridian’s Global Leadership Institute; Jason Kemp, a leader in Booz Allen Hamilton’s
commercial and international practices; Dr. J.P. Singh, Professor of Global Affairs and Cultural Studies, George Mason University; and Connie
, Director of Partnerships, Global Partnership Initiative, U.S. Department of State.

In her blog, Dr. Lori Zukin, Principal in Booz Allen’s Innovative People Solutions group, addresses the importance of developing culturally agile leaders. Read more..