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Happy weekend, Meridian Readers! We know it’s tempting to lay in bed on Sundays and completely ignore the outside world — but look at you! You’re here engaging with current events that involve the whole globe, and we’re proud of you for that. You deserve another cup of joe. Without further ado, here are the top three takeaways from the international new cycle this week. 

What I Would Tell My Younger Self… Advice from Entrepreneurs

Publication: Global Policy | By Will Szabo

  • “If I could just go back, knowing what I know now, I’d do everything different,” is something we all think from time to time, right? Well, this piece from Global Policy analyzes what entrepreneurs from around the world attribute their success to — and provides some insight into how others can achieve the same.
  • First piece of advice? Network. The saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” has never resonated more than it does today. Similarly, having a strong team and accepting that it will likely change as the business evolves is crucial.
  • Next up, figure out your “solution” to the problem at hand, then decipher who your audience is and ensure you have a good mentor.
  • This is all easier said than done, but take it from the experts — it’s small, daily decisions that make the difference.

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In Dark Diplomatic Times, Cultural Ties Still Bind the United States and Russia

Publication: Diplomatic Courier | By Rong Qin

  • Looking at daily media coverage, it’s easy to tag Russia as the United States’ mortal enemy — but the cultural ties between the two nations defy that.
  • Art, music and ballet have bonded the US to Russia for decades, and this months’ well-received Mariinsky Ballet performance at the Kennedy Center is a testament to that.
  • The power of culture and arts can transcend the international political scene, and both countries believe that cultural exchanges could help ease the tensions — which is what spurred the ballet.
  • All of this goes to say… let’s not be so quick to judge men in tights, they just might save the world.

Best New Chefs 2019

Publication: Food and Wine | By Jordana Rothman

  • Kwame Onwuachi is a name you should know. Specializing in African cuisine, he’s been named the best new chef of 2019.
  • Rolling fat scrolls of dashimaki tamago, simmering Japanese eggplant and managing the many other microscopic tasks is the daily life of Brandon Go, a new chef in Los Angeles. Looking up flights from DCA to LAX…. now.
  • Next time you’re in DC, LA, Seattle or Dallas, check out these chefs (if you can get a table). They’re the best of the best.

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That’s it for this week, Meridian readers. Check back in next Sunday — we’ll see you then.