Back in Bluefields: The Last Part of my Nicaragua Murals Exchange

A month later, in the chilly northern U.S. while anxiously awaiting signs of spring, I look back on my notes to try and give a clear notion of what went on in the last portion of my Nicaragua journey, the Community Engagement through the Mural Arts exchange, in Bluefields. Below is my attempt to do just that. The first day of the Bluefields project we met at the Pelikan restaurant overlooking the sea. The view was expansive and big swooping pelicans gobbled up their fish as I perused the menu and met my last group of collaborators. After lunch we...


Honduras Mural Exchange: La Colonia 21 de Febrero, Tegucigalpa

I’m honored to represent the United States for the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ (ECA) Community Engagement through the Mural Arts exchange. During the first part (March 16-27), I worked with community members from a neighborhood called La Colonia 21 de Febrero. I’m heading back to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, today to continue my program. For the second half of my exchange, I’ll be working with the community of La Colonia Estados Unidos. Here’s a recap of Part 1:


The U.S. and India: Celebrating 200+ Years of Friendship

For Asia and around the world, India is not simply emerging; India has already emerged. And it is my firm belief that the relationship between the United States and India – bound by our shared interests and values – will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. This is the partnership I have come here to build. This is the vision that our nations can realize together.

– President Barack Obama, during his 2014 visit to India

The United States and India have been entwined from as early as the 18th century. Kindred Nations: The United States and India, 1783-1947 is a photographic exhibition that captures various, beautiful moments of learning, partnerships, and exchanges that took place before India was the country we know today. Consisting of photographs, documents, and ephemera, Kindred Nations is organized in five thematic sections: Searching for Opportunity, Gaining Knowledge and Understanding, Seeking Truth and Unity, Finding Inspiration, and Toward Freedom.