4 Reasons Mike Pompeo Will Succeed at Foggy Bottom

Mike Pompeo is about to move into the toughest job of his life. But he might be just the right guy for what ails Foggy Bottom. From patrolling the Iron Curtain as an Army officer, to winning a seat in Congress as a businessman/outsider, to being head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during uncertain times, Pompeo has had a unique path to the nomination for the nation’s top diplomat. For Pompeo, though it’s a career that now moves into its toughest and most public phase, there are four reasons he just might have what it takes to succeed...


Lessons from the First World War to Prevent the Next

This post was written by Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Ph.D, Professor of History at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She is the author of the forthcoming book Honorable Men: The Deacons for Defense and Justice and Armed Resistance In Louisiana, and the co-author of Minority and Gender Differences in Officer Career Progression. A specialist in the intersection of race and military influence, Dr. Ducksworth-Lawton consults in national security studies. In the text below, Dr. Ducksworth-Lawton discusses her experience as a presenter at the Preventing Conflict Today: Learning from World War I conference. This year marks the centenary of the First World War...


Re-Imagining India

A blog post by Puru Trivedi, Director of Corporate Relations, Meridian International Center On February 9, 2018, I traveled to India to speak at the 8th Annual One Globe Forum, which gathered experts to discuss the transformation of India into a 21st century knowledge economy. Meridian International Center was a strategic partner to the One Globe Forum in 2018, providing thought leadership from the U.S. perspective. The United States and India share many similarities and superlatives; one is the oldest democracy, the other is the largest democracy. Both countries won their independence from the United Kingdom, and both countries...


Jam Sessions on View at the US Diplomacy Center

As we move into Jazz Appreciation Month, the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy (MCCD) celebrates the unifying power of music through Jam Session: America’s Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World. After runs in Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, South Asia and Latin America, Jam Session is on view at the U.S. Diplomacy Center now through May 18. Jazz Diplomacy was born in 1956 when Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. proposed that Dizzy Gillespie form a jazz ensemble to represent the U.S. abroad. Competition between the Soviet Union and the United States was increasing, and these musical...


Using the Justice System to Prevent Gender-Based Violence and Protect Women and Children

This post is being published on behalf of Ms. Stephenie Foster, Partner at Smash Strategies. Ms. Foster has significant experience working in the public sector, most recently serving in the U.S. Department of State as the Senior Adviser and Counselor to the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. In the text below, Ms. Foster discusses her experience meeting with a group of International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) participants. Continue