Meridian Reads: Your Weekly Update

Hi there, Meridian Readers. You’ve made it through another week, and hopefully you’re enjoying the long weekend. No #SundayScaries this week, so let’s ride that high and dive into today’s edition of #MeridianReads. How do 40 supersmart young global activists want to change the world? Publication: Global Policy | By Duncan Green The author of this piece teaches masters students (mostly 20somethings) and gets a first-hand look at what they care most about. One assignment asked students to design a campaign they’d like to run, and then write a 2,000 word strategy on how to implement said campaign. Below...


The Power of Partnerships

This post is being published on behalf of Andrew Kovalcin, the principal of Advanced Advocacy. Advanced Advocacy is a boutique integrated advocacy & public affairs firm located in Washington, DC. The digital age has set up a paradox for many think tanks, companies and non-profits: While the barriers to sharing a message are breaking down, gaining traction in a saturated marketplace of ideas is increasingly challenging. In a world where anyone with a phone and thumbs can send their ideas to the masses, how do established institutions keep their voices relevant? The answer is simple: by competing less – and...


Meridian Reads: Here’s what’s up

You know what day it is, you know what time it is. Unless you’re still feeling groggy from your weekend rest, then we’ll fill you in. It’s Sunday, and it’s time for #MeridianReads. Let’s dive in… Iran ready for any scenario, from confrontation to diplomacy Publication: Reuters | By Parisa Hafezi A senior Iranian official said Iran was ready for all scenarios involving the US, but added that the US “could not afford another war in the Middle East.” The official also said any conflict in the region will have  “unimaginable consequences.” Yikes. Washington has sent additional military forces...


Public Diplomacy Supports the Rule of Law

Corruption, an abuse of power for private gain, threatens democracy, depletes national wealth, and undermines public trust.  It’s a global problem plaguing even the youngest republics, like Kosovo.   The U.S. Department of State reports that Kosovo suffers from endemic government corruption and one of the Kosovo’s think tanks reports its judicial system is considered among the most corrupt Continue  

Meridian Reads: Don’t miss out

Good morning, Meridian readers! It’s Sunday, so it’s time to round out the week with a big dose of diplomatic news. Keep on reading for a recap of the latest updates. US-Asia Education Exchange: The Impact of Public  Diplomacy Publication: The Diplomat | By Mercy A. Kuo It’s still Asian-Pacific American Heritage month, and this piece dives into the importance of international exchange between the U.S. and Asia. The Pacific Rim of Asia is a region that touches roughly 90 percent of the global trade — and is home to five treaty allies of the United States. There is a...