Mural-Making in Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Colonia Estados Unidos

This blog post documents the second part of my Community Engagement through the Mural Arts exchange with Meridian and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

After Easter I returned to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to direct the next mural in the Colonia Estados Unidos. I was reunited with my team of assistants who I trained on mural painting techniques and community engagement strategies. This mural put what they learned into practice. Continue  

The Arts and Culture Scene in the United Arab Emirates, Part II: Cultural Organizations

This blog post was inspired by Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the Emirates – the first major touring exhibition of Emirati artwork abroad. The exhibition showcases core elements of life in the UAE, further informing American audiences of Emirati art, history, and tradition. Our previous post featured art events in the UAE.

This post highlights a number of museums and galleries that play a vital role in shaping and advancing the arts and culture in the UAE. While some museums are still in their construction phase, many would agree that these bold projects place the country on the global art map.


Next Stop – Texas!

The Meridian International Center and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are excited to unveil the second US location of Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the Emirates exhibition. The art exhibit will be on display in Fort Worth and Dallas through December 2, 2014 before the exhibition continues on its 18-month tour across the United States. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, video installations, and other media by 25 notable Emirati artists help showcase the creativity radiating throughout the Emirati art scene and highlight the development and history of the UAE. Each piece of art tells a different story about...


Announcing the Mural Arts Exchange Artists

The Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy (MCCD) is pleased to announce its artist selections for the upcoming Community Engagement through the Arts: Mural Arts Exchange with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Each participant will travel to one of four countries to carry out collaborative murals with local artists representing underserved populations. These shared murals will be designed during each 3.5-week exchange program and will depict social themes that are relevant to each country. Continue