Art for Gender Equality in Mumbai, India

Every March 8th is International Women’s Day, a celebration of women around the world that takes place during Women’s History Month. While Meridian organizes exchanges for women leaders in various fields, for the past two years the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy has used the arts – specifically the mural arts –  to directly address issues such as human trafficking, gender-based violence, empowerment, equality, and education that affect women and girls around the world. Continue  

Spotlight on Soft Power: March 2016

A new intern, a new outlook. This blog looks forward to some of the cultural exchanges happening across the world. The China-Latin America and Caribbean Year of Cultural Exchange Next month sees the start of the 2016 China-Latin America and Caribbean Cultural Exchange Year. Kicking off with an opening ceremony at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center , the event on 25th March will include dance performances by various artists from Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru. Zhu Qi, Deputy Director of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations at China’s Ministry of Culture, highlighted the way cultural exchanges can bring together...


Soft Power: The Monthly Roundup (January edition)

Happy 2016! While you might have already broken your New Year’s resolution, we are starting off fresh with a new edition of Soft Power: The Monthly Roundup to show you what is going on in arts and culture around the world. The New Year may only be a few weeks old, but we can already look back at a great amount of events and festivals celebrating and promoting international exchange through film, food, sports, and dance.