Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to reflect on that for which they should be grateful. This starts with the many blessings we have today in this great country thanks to the many who built it and sacrificed to keep it great. We also enjoy the bounty of plentiful food and must think about those who may have less. Because I sense a little anxiety this Thanksgiving about life in the world today, I wanted to share some data to put things into context. We are living in a very good time and if we, at Meridian...


Meridian Social Innovation Fellows – Where are they now?

In May, Meridian launched the  Social Innovation Fellowship.  This year-long engagement of social entrepreneurs from across Europe will yield community improvement projects in 5 countries (Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and Spain), however the implications will be significant throughout the region as each project addresses overlapping issues. Over the summer we shared some of the individual stories from the fellows’ experience – particularly their impressions and observations from their time in the U.S. (May, 2015).  Now that they are back in their own communities, they are working to put into action best practices they learned while here.  While each...


International Day for Tolerance

The tragedy of last week’s assaults in Paris and Beirut weigh heavily in the hearts of the world community. In light of this, today’s UN-designated International Day for Tolerance holds a particular relevance. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states, “On the International Day of Tolerance, let us recognize the mounting threat posed by those who strive to divide, and let us pledge to forge a path defined by dialogue, social cohesion, and mutual understanding.” Through the tenets of acceptance, tolerance, and freedom, may the world be equal in treatment and opportunity. Continue  

Soft Power: The Monthly Roundup (October Edition)

The days are shorter and the air is more crisp by the end of October. So, find a cozy spot and curl up with the latest edition of the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy’s Soft Power: The Monthly Roundup. The following selection highlights eight notable cultural diplomacy events that took place around the globe this month.


Educating the Next Generation of Global Leaders: #MeridianSummit

I am so incredibly lucky. I was born in America in a prosperous time to parents that not only valued my education, but had the time, resources, and capacity to be fully engaged. They sacrificed to send me to private schools, staying up until all my homework was done and explaining difficult concepts until they wanted to pull their hair out. But they did so I would have as many opportunities as possible. They poured their all into my education and in turn, gave me an impassioned outlook on my future. That is why I cannot get Deputy Secretary...