“Networking Tips” by Ann Sophie, YLAI Participant from Haiti

  Ann-Sophie Ovile is the Founder and CEO of Mennen’m La Tours in Haiti, and she is one of 248 fellows participating in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program, which brings entrepreneurs and civil society leaders to the United States for a five-week program.  This U.S. Department of State-sponsored program empowers them to strengthen their capacity to launch and advance their entrepreneurial ideas and to effectively contribute to social and economic development in their communities and societies. Let’s be honest, most of us do not like networking events. Networking is like your grandma’s party...


SUSI Alumni Making Changes: Olivier Senat

This post is part of a recurring series about alumni of the Study of U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders for Public Policy and Government Leadership Program (SUSI) that is run by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Meridian International Center. For other posts about progress SUSI alumni are making in their communities, click here. Continue