Bringing People Together Through Affordable Internet

Meridian International Center Board Member, Marie Royce and Florence Gaudry-Perkins from Global Government & Public Affairs at Alcatel-Lucent wrote a phenomenal blog about the power of technology in bringing people together. This blog was orginally posted on Alcatel-Lucent’s Blog:

“Many of us have spent much of our lives without access to telecommunications or information services, and many of us will not live to see the flowering of the information age. But our children will. They are our greatest asset. And it is our responsibility to give them the skills and insight to build the information societies of the future.”

These were the words of Nelson Mandela, whose presidency of South Africa was widely hailed for bringing the nation together through common understanding. “The young people of the world must be empowered to participate in the building of the information age. They must become the citizens of the global information society. And we must create the best conditions for their participation”.