Even in Norway, youth fall between the cracks. Exchange participants study how to save them.

After flying from Norway that afternoon, Edvard Eidsvåg (Eddi, for short) was left wide awake on a late night in March. He wandered the streets around his Dupont Circle-area hotel, searching for those many view as the outcasts of society: the drug addicts and the homeless. That night in March, Eddi sought out the very people he claims society tends to ignore. Eddi is Founder and CEO of People Project (or Pøbelprosjektet), a Norwegian organization dedicated to providing opportunities for at-risk youth. He and his colleague Lene Walle, Regional Manager of People Project, arrived in Washington, DC on March...


How People-to-People Diplomacy is Warming Chilly Arctic Relations

“What sounds more boring than a Secretariat?”

That’s what we thought when we heard about the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

In reality, this organization is responsible for coordinating pretty interesting exchange programs, such as hockey games between Norwegian and Russian youth. This is one of their people-to-people diplomacy programs, with which they bridge relations between Norwegians and Russians in the Barents region.