My Leadership Development at Meridian

Over the past few years, I have learned that it is impossible to achieve your goals, realize your dreams or understand where you are going in your journey without help. In my pursuit of poverty alleviation, I started volunteering at the age of 18 and ever since I have been volunteering with organizations around the world in various capacities. I am now playing a role in the further development of my home country Pakistan, none of which would be possible without the people, governments, and organizations that invested in my professional development and skills acquisition. One of the most...


From the Other Side of Exchanges

Ever since I joined Meridian as an Atlas Corps Fellow, I have told everyone how excited I am to work on exchanges instead of being a participant in them. It has only been a little over two months and I have already worked on two consecutive exchanges- Emerging Leaders of Pakistan and Community Engagement: Art for Social Change.

After being a part of different exchanges and international programs, and after working on the aforementioned exchange programs, I have four tips for everyone who is going to be a part of an exchange program at some point in their life:


Exploring Washington DC

The US Consulate in collaboration with the Meridian International Center has developed a two week program “Community Engagement- Art for Social Change”. Fourteen artists from Pakistan were selected from different cities of Pakistan to become a part of the program. All the artists were selected on the basis of their art works which they produced during a workshop of two days at Lahore and of one week at Islamabad in conversation with the Migration series by Jacob Lawrence, who is an American artist. Continue  

Exchange of Cultures

Coming to Washington DC I had no idea that my experience here was going to be so amazing. It has been a week now and it seems like only yesterday when I came here for the very first time waiting at the airport tired and exhausted from the long journey. And here I am now, writing this blog post on my last night here. From talking and getting to know people on the streets to learning more about their culture and customs and telling them about mine, it has been quite a journey. Working on the community project with Jess Solomon, and Matthew Brooks has been a great learning experience. Continue  

Silent Voices

The work that I have produced during the workshop arranged by The Phillips Collection in collaboration with the US Consulate Islamabad, Pakistan is entitled “Attention Please! A Silent Voice”.  Continue