Firecrackers, Food, Family, and Fun: Why I Love Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (LNY) is an extremely special and important time in Chinese culture. Families gather round for bountiful meals, and children anticipate red envelopes filled with cash. In the streets, fire crackers are set off, and festive red and gold decorations complement the lion dances and parades. LNY lasts for the first 15 days of the Chinese lunar calendar, and this year, festivities begin on February 19th. While LNY is filled with fun and games, there is actually a lot of preparation and work done for the holiday.


The Arts and Culture Scene in the United Arab Emirates, Part I: Events

This blog post was inspired by Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the Emirates – the first major touring exhibition of Emirati artwork abroad. The exhibition showcases core elements of life in the UAE, further informing American audiences of Emirati art, history, and tradition. Visitors who have seen Past Forward may not be aware of the wide range of cultural events the UAE organizes during its winter season, from October to the end of April. This post highlights a number of the most popular arts and cultural events in the country – many scheduled for this spring. Abu Dhabi Abu...


Global Leader Feature: George P. Shultz

“Terrorism is a contagious disease that will, inevitably spread if it goes untreated.” – George P. Shultz

Last week before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Former Secretary of State George Shultz joined other former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright in outlining the challenges facing U.S. national security policy. His testimony highlights the kind of strategic thinking and cogent argumentation that make Secretary Shultz such an effective leader.