IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Overcoming Fears through Exchange

Mr. Gotevbe revisited to the U.S. to attend the Global Ties Diplomacy Begins Here Summit in Charlotte, NC


In 2015, Mr. Victor Gotevbe of Nigeria attended the multi-regional IVLP, “American Youth: Inspiring Leadership and Civic Engagement.” At the time, he had been serving as the Administrative and Human Resources Manager at a national newspaper, however his experience inspired him to become much more. “I eventually left the lucrative job in April of 2017 after 17 years with the organization. It was quite emotional but the entrepreneur in me wanted more and basically helped me conquer the fear of the unknown.” Mr. Gotevbe’s American experience had a major impact on his personal growth, such as taking part in the smaller group that traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan to focus on their entrepreneurial interests.

Originally, Mr. Gotevbe was responsible for starting a diplomacy-focused initiative in his country. In July 2016, he unveiled the Youth Diplomats Forum in Nigeria, which influenced the same in Nepal in cooperation with another IVLP alumni. However, his proudest achievement has been the birth of Diplomatic Watch (www.diplomaticwatch.com). “Today, we are in Ghana, Nepal, Ireland and the U.S. and we contribute distinctive insights into the minds of foremost global, regional and national leaders and governments,” he states. He additionally had the honor of leading a delegation to China as part of a media tour.

Mr. Gotevbe partially credits his determination to move from his comfortable position to growing his own business, Conduit Communications Limited, to the persistence of the American spirit that he experienced on his IVLP. “What looked insurmountable about quitting a job that offered me executive perks…became a thing of the past as I learnt how to create my exit strategy from participating in the program and I looked fear in the eyes and it gave way. Big ideas no longer scare me.”

Mr. Gotevbe remembers his American experience fondly and hopes to return, and share more stories on Diplomatic Watch.

  • Visitor: Mr. Victor Gotevbe
  • Title:  Publisher / Editor in Chief, Diplomatic Watch LLC
  • Country of Origin: Nigeria
  • Itinerary: Washington, DC; Seattle, WA; Kalamazoo MI; Houston, TX; New York, NY
  • IVLP Project: American Youth: Inspiring Leadership and Civic Engagement, 2015

The International Visitor Leadership Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and supported in its implementation by Meridian International Center.