Why We Need a US-Iranian Diplomatic Solution

The following was written by Nobar Elmi Golhar. Nobar is a Product Director at Challenger, Inc and previously served as both Director of Community Outreach and Board Member for the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).  Last month, our nation was brought to the brink of war when President Trump authorized the killing of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. For now, Iran has responded with a limited strike on U.S. bases in Iraq that was tough enough to save face, but strategic enough to prevent retaliation. Sadly, in the process, Tehran also made the colossally catastrophic mistake of shooting down...


Why should corporate leaders learn to think like diplomats?

Meridian International Center has launched its Corporate Diplomacy Training program where we equip corporate leaders across industries and sectors with the diplomatic tactics, strategy and insights to succeed in a competitive global business environment while enhancing leadership skills and advancing multilateral cooperation. We sat down with Brad Knox, Vice President and Counselor for Federal Affairs at Aflac, to get his feedback on the program. Meridian International Center: Six months ago you and fellow members of Aflac’s federal relations team participated in a four-part corporate diplomacy training at Meridian. How was the experience? Brad Knox: When you tell your team you’re going to...


4 Reasons Mike Pompeo Will Succeed at Foggy Bottom

Mike Pompeo is about to move into the toughest job of his life. But he might be just the right guy for what ails Foggy Bottom. From patrolling the Iron Curtain as an Army officer, to winning a seat in Congress as a businessman/outsider, to being head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during uncertain times, Pompeo has had a unique path to the nomination for the nation’s top diplomat. For Pompeo, though it’s a career that now moves into its toughest and most public phase, there are four reasons he just might have what it takes to succeed...


Thoughts on “The Interview” and North Korea

Truth be told, I was looking forward to the premiere of The Interview this Christmas season. And it’s not because the buzz surrounding the hacking of Sony, in what seems to be a direct act of retaliation for financing and producing this movie. It wasn’t even because of all the media attention the movie got as a result of this controversy. And most certainly, it was not because of the artistic value one may find in certain cinematic creations – which was probably not the case here anyway. I simply wanted to see the movie because I was curious to see how realistic the movie portrays the reality of North Korea. Continue